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  3. Complete new patient paperwork
  4. Reply to an auto email with desired day/time for a) doctor consultation b) nutritionist consultation
  5. Receive hCG within 3 business days
  6. High quality hCG from FDA licensed pharmacy in USA

Medication Offered/Pricing

26 Days - hCG injections and supplies 5,000 iU w/kit - $239
50 Days - hCG injections and supplies (2 vials) 5,000 iU w/kit - $339
hCG Tablets (oral) prescription - $239


Low Dose Naltrexone – 30 day supply $229
Lipo injections - 10 mL $89
Oral lipo tablets - 30 day supply - $129
B12 injections - 10 mL $79

Selling Points vs. Competitors:

  • Prescriptions from USA & FDA accredited pharmacy. High potency
  • USA licensed and education, weight loss physician consults available by video or phone. Scheduled with patient same-day. No calling and holding for doctor.
  • Real-time, same-day customer service
  • Prescription good for one-year. Ability to re-order for 12 months without annual doctor renewal consultation
  • Individualized hCG dosing, based on each person to maximize results
  • Nutritionist certified in hCG Diet and available for patients ongoing without additional fee
  • Longest standing hCG diet doctor organization in USA with a 98.99% success rate
  • Weight Loss Coach support available 7 days/week, expanded hours
  • Prescriptions mailed FedEx 3-day for standard orders. Overnight mail also available
  • Accepts all major credit cards (Visa, M/C, American Express) + flex savings account (FSA) & health savings account cards (HSA)!
  • Documentation provided (when requested) to submit to health insurance company for reimbursement
slim spa medical
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