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HCG Diet

The HCG diet maintenance phase is started right after the patient takes their last HCG injection. This part the HCG diet is part of Dr. Simeons’ original protocol and is designed to help patients boost their daily caloric intake with the right foods so they can maintain their weight loss without yo-yoing back up. And that’s the thing about diets in general; they are doomed to fail if the dieter does not adopt a healthy lifestyle after the diet. A healthy lifestyle would consist of eating mostly vegetables, fruits and non-processed foods, regular exercise and regular sleep.

Rx HCG Injections are available through Dr. Joe Sciabbarrasi, M.D. clinic located at 2001 S. Barrington Avenue, Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Dr. Joe offers more than Rx HCG injections for weight loss including, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional biochemistry, acupuncture and herbal medicine homeopathy to name a few.

Kathleen Womack Wins HCG Diet Before and After Picture Contest

Slim Spa Medical along with Diet Doc offered a Free Month of Rx HCG Diet for best before and after pictures for summer 2012. Kathleen Womack from Corpus Christi, TX is the winner with a total weight loss of 38 pounds. Not only did she lose pounds and inches, her vitals normalized as she got down to her ideal weight. Look at her measurements and vitals before and after HCG weight loss.
Chest:  Before 46dd  After 36c
Waist:  Before 42  After 26
Hips:   Before 38  After 30

Blood Pressure: Normal
Cholesterol: Before 433 with medication required / After 110 with no medication required.
Blood Sugar: Before abnormal pre diabetes / After normal with no medication required.

Nearly Approved FDA Obesity Drug Qnexa More Dangerous than Staying Obese

The FDA is assumed to “look out” for America’s best interests concerning health. However, one has to question the recent events of the FDA to do just that. Just last week the FDA has “unanimously” voted in favor of Qnexa. Although Qnexa is still in the approval process, it is alarming to know what Qnexa is and what the side effects are.

Losing Abnormal Fat Is Key To Weight Loss

The HCG Diet will help you lose the abnormal fat. When someone says, “I want to lose weight.” More specifically, they are saying, “I want to lose fat.” There are three types of fat.
• Reserve fat – This is the fat that your body draws upon when you skip a meal and your body needs energy.
• Structural fat – This fat is located in between your organs to cushion them and in between your joints and bones.
• Abnormal fat – This is your “fat bank.” Your body stores this excess in case of starvation.

We need reserve fat and structural fat to survive. However, we can do without the abnormal fat as this type of fat causes health problems and not to mention it’s unsightly. Using oral HCG will re-sculpt your body by losing the abnormal fat. 

slim spa medical
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