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slim spa medical

Do you suffer from overweight or obesity?
Call our Rx HCG Department at 888-501-0320 and press 1

You’ll receive;
  • Free Rx HCG Consultation with level of expectation to your weight loss goals.
  • Based on this, we can determine how much Rx HCG treatment is needed to determine your Rx HCG Diet price.
  • An outline of everything we provide so you can start your weight loss safely.
  • Schedule doctor’s appointment to issue an Rx prescription for HCG injections.
  • Schedule nurse’s appointment to go over all the details of your HCG Diet.
hcg We offer 99.99% REAL Rx HCG with Certificate of Authenticity. brain HCG triggers the brain into mobilizing stored calories from your abnormal fat deposits into your bloodstream. gland The HCG Diet corrects the imbalance of your hypothalamus gland which regulates your metabolism.

Call us for your Rx HCG Consultation
888-501-0320 and press 1

  • You’ll receive doctor’s consultation and Rx HCG prescription.
  • 99.9999% PURE Prescription HCG.
  • Unlimited Support from our Medical Staff.
  • 100% Success Rate & Guaranteed Weight Loss.

Lowest Rx HCG Prices in USA!
Get your HCG questions answered and get on your
way to achieving your weight loss goals!

slim spa medical
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